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Bittersweet Graduation

Last week, I crossed the stage and received my diploma from Patterson High School in Baltimore, along with hundreds of other seniors. For many of my classmates, this was just the first step in pursuing higher education.

Unfortunately, for many students like myself, college will be out of reach. Through no fault of our own, we’ll be required to pay out-of-state tuition even though we’ve lived in this state for most of our lives. As a result, many kids like me who were accepted into a Maryland public college or university will not be able to enroll this fall.

The Maryland DREAM Act makes sure the rules are the same for everyone. The law says that if you are an established Maryland resident; you graduate from a Maryland high school; and your family pays Maryland taxes, then you get to pay Maryland in-state tuition when you attend a Maryland public college.

It’s that simple.

Will you donate $5 to make sure that all Maryland high school graduates can continue their Maryland education?

Jesus P.

Patterson High School
Class of 2012

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