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Maryland High School Democrats support the Maryland DREAM ACT

One of the most important issues of today championed by Democrats is Youth Rights. Youth Rights is not simply ensuring that young people are able to register to vote, youth rights issues can range from education to civil rights. Some times, the two overlap.

Currently, there is a group of students whose families file taxes in the state of Maryland, graduate from Maryland High Schools, live in the state of Maryland, but are charged outof-state rather than in-state tuition at Maryland colleges and universities. These students who are unable to pay in-state tuition are undocumented students – minors who were brought into the country by their parents – at no fault of their own – for the purpose of a brighter future, sometimes referred to as the “American Dream”. There is legislation in the state of Maryland that directly addresses this issue. This November, a referendum known as the DREAM Act would, if passed, would allow undocumented students to pay in-state tuition at Maryland colleges and universities (provided their families file taxes and they graduate from high school and they are accepted to college) There are many complicated aspects of this issue, but it comes down to this: If your family lives and files taxes in the state of Maryland, and you graduated from a Maryland High School, then you should be entitled to in-state tuition prices for postsecondary education. According to Delegate Ana Sol Gutierrez, this bill is “in support of long-standing American education policy and beliefs as it would fulfill the dreams of all young students who have attended Maryland K-12 schools, who have done their homework and excelled academically, who are eager and willing to work to obtain a university degree, and who want to be better prepared and able to contribute to our community in the future”.

This bill is not “rewarding” undocumented students, it would be providing them the same American Dream that everyone else has – if you work hard, you should have a fair shot at being a successful, contributing member of society. The Maryland DREAM Act is taking this one step closer to reality.

Cody Dorsey
Maryland High School Democrats

Ben Feshbach
Vice Chair
Maryland High School Democrats

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