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Olympic-size dreams

17-year-old Missy Franklin achieved her dream of becoming an Olympic gold medalist yesterday. Missy is an inspiration to many 17-year-olds like me who want to pursue our dreams. Unfortunately, many of us may never realize our dreams without the Maryland DREAM Act.

I’m a 17-year-old student at Glen Burnie High School and I dream of becoming a medical researcher. I’ve worked hard to obtain a strong academic and extracurricular record that includes a 4.2 GPA, fostering rescue dogs, and volunteering as a member of the National Honor Society.

However, without the Maryland DREAM Act I may not be able to take the next step in pursuit of my dreams. Will you help me defend the Maryland DREAM Act by making a $10 donation today?

I’m just one of many Maryland 17-year-old Maryland students who have dreams of pursuing higher education, but some of us may never get the chance without the Maryland DREAM Act.

Make a donation today to help defend the Maryland DREAM Act this November.

Nathaly Uribe
Glen Burnie High School
Class of 2013

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