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Educating Maryland Kids Ramps Up Million Dollar Maryland DREAM Act Media Buy with New TV Ads Airing in Baltimore

A massive media campaign is underway from the supporters of the Maryland DREAM Act with new ads launching today on cable TV in the Baltimore media market pushing for Question 4.  Educating Maryland Kids, the coalition of faith-based, labor union, civil rights, education, and community groups working to protect the Maryland DREAM Act released three new TV ads today and expanded the previously announced radio buy to an additional three stations in Baltimore—WQSR 102.7, WZBA 100.7, and WJZ ESPN 1300.  (The radio ad is already airing during drive-time on WILF 101.9 and WPOC 93.1.)  Overall, the coalition will spend over a million dollars on a media campaign in both the Baltimore and Washington, D.C. media markets before Election Day, when voters will vote on Question 4.

One of the new ads features Maryland Lieutenant Governor Anthony G. Brown and the second includes several Maryland public school teachers, a Catholic priest, and a high-achieving DREAM student.  The speaker in the third video, John Hawks, is a prominent business leader in Baltimore County and a lifelong registered Republican who supports the Maryland DREAM Act.   All three new ads from the Educating Maryland Kids campaign are available online.

The Educating Maryland kids radio ad, now airing on five Baltimore stations, is also available online.

In addition to the major media buy, Educating Maryland Kids and its coalition partners—including SEIU, the Maryland State Education Association, the Maryland Catholic Conference, AFSCME, Maryland IAF, and CASA de Maryland—are canvassing and phone-banking across the state to educate voters about the Maryland DREAM Act, which allows students whose parents paid Maryland taxes and who graduated from Maryland high schools to pay in-state tuition.

The coalition is building on the momentum of multiple polls over the past few weeks showing strong statewide support for the ballot measure—61% according to a recent Mellman Group poll, 58% according to a recent Gonzales Research poll, and 60% according to a recent Garin-Hart-Yang poll.

More and more Marylanders understand that Question 4, the Maryland DREAM Act, is a simple matter of fairness.  Not only will voting ‘for’ Question 4 help level the playing field for all taxpayers and all talented, hard-working students, it will also prove an economic boon to the state of Maryland.  A report from researchers at the University of Maryland, Baltimore County, released last week, estimates the state will gain $66 million in economic benefits for each class of DREAM students who enroll in college and further their education.


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