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Sign the Pledge to defend the Maryland DREAM Act


The Coalition of Asian Pacific American Democrats of Maryland (CAPAD-MD), whose leadership includes Co-Chairs George Dang and Dr.  Partha Pillai, asked you to vote for the following candidates and question for the benefit of the Asian American community and its immigrant population.  This endorsement is based on its belief that they will best serve the Asian American community. The CAPAD-MD remains neutrual with respect to other candidates and other questions.

1) President and Vice President

Barack Obama and Joe Biden

 2) U.S. Senator

Cardin, Ben

3) Representatives in Congress

Congressional District 01:  Wendy Rosen
Congressional District 02: Dutch C.A. Ruppersberger
Congressional District 03: John Sarbanes
Congressional District 04:  Donna F. Edwards
Congressional District 05:  Steny H. Hoyer
Congressional District 06:  John Delaney
Congressional District 07:  Elijah Cummings
Congressional District 08:  Chris Van Hollen

4) Montgomery County Board of Education
Board of Education At Large:  Phil Kauffmanl
Board of Education District 2: Fred Evans
Board of Educatio District 4:  Christopher Barclay

Question 4-Dream Act to help undocumented immigrants graduated from a Maryland high school to obtain in-state tuition for a Maryland comunity college and after completing the Maryland community college, in-state tuition for Maryland four-year public colleges.  check “For the Referred Law”

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