Educating Maryland Kids


Sign the Pledge to defend the Maryland DREAM Act


Educating Maryland Kids is a coalition of education organizations, faith groups, labor unions, and civil rights advocates dedicated to defending the Maryland DREAM Act. Dozens of organizations were instrumental in passing the DREAM Act legislation in the spring of 2011.  This law allows Maryland students regardless of immigration status to pay in-state tuition at Maryland universities if they’ve graduated from a Maryland high school (and attended a Maryland high school for at least 3 years) and if their families have paid taxes for at least 3 years.  The law is being challenged with a ballot referendum so voters will have the opportunity to vote on the Maryland DREAM Act in November 2012. Marylanders from all walks of life are standing up for all Maryland kids and working to protect our legislative victory.

Organizations that are part of the Educating Maryland Kids coalition include:

Maryland DREAM Act is About Fairness