Educating Maryland Kids


Sign the Pledge to defend the Maryland DREAM Act


For young Md. immigrants, a path out of the shadows

An Editorial from September 7th’s Washington Post By Wallace D. Loh, They call themselves “shadows” — young Maryland residents brought to this country as children

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Back to School

This is an exciting week for many Maryland students. Some kids are entering kindergarten; some are starting their freshman year of high school; and others are

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Why voters should support the Md. Dream Act in November

Brad Botwin’s recent letter to the editor in the Baltimore Sun urges voters to overturn the Maryland Dream Act in November, but he misinforms readers

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Olympic-size dreams

17-year-old Missy Franklin achieved her dream of becoming an Olympic gold medalist yesterday. Missy is an inspiration to many 17-year-olds like me who want to pursue

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Maryland High School Democrats support the Maryland DREAM ACT

One of the most important issues of today championed by Democrats is Youth Rights. Youth Rights is not simply ensuring that young people are able to

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Freshman Year

When I was a freshman in high school I remember coming home with my first midterm report: all A’s except 2 B’s. For my mother,

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Bittersweet Graduation

Last week, I crossed the stage and received my diploma from Patterson High School in Baltimore, along with hundreds of other seniors. For many of

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