Educating Maryland Kids


Sign the Pledge to defend the Maryland DREAM Act


I came to the United States from Chile when I was two years old with my parents. I have always lived in Maryland and I love my state. Whether it’s going to the Baltimore Harbor, or to a state park to picnic with my family, I love Maryland from city to mountain.

I want to be a genetics researcher to study human disease. I feel that I can really make a difference. I already volunteer to interpret at a local hospital. I’m the CoPresident of my school’s chapter of MESA – Mathematics Engineering Science Achievement. Through MESA and my volunteer work with the Hispanic Youth Institute, the National Honor Society, and the National Academy of Sciences at Koshland Science Museum, I encourage young people to get excited about science and continue learning more. From my visits to hospitals I have seen many people that would benefit from medical research. But I don’t only love people. I have a passion for animals too. I foster dogs that have been abused.

What I would like people to know about DREAMers is that we are hardworking students. Education is our road to success. We are already making contributions every day and with access to higher education, that will only grow.